CMSC 498P February 13, 1996

III.D. The TEXTAREA sub-element

The TEXTAREA element is a sub-element of the FORM element, and will not do much of anything if used outside of the FORM container tag. The TEXTAREA element represents a multi-line text entry field and always takes the following form:

    <TEXTAREA NAME="somename" [ROWS="xx"] [COLS="yy"]>

The TEXTAREA element (also a container tag) always takes a NAME attribute. The name must be a unique name that will be used to identify it's entered value by the server side script mentioned in the FORM's ACTION attribute. The optional ROWS and COLS attribute specifies the width and height of the rendered text entry field. The optional content found between the TEXTAREA start and end tags defines the default value of the field. Following is an example of the TEXTAREA tag:

  Welcome to the sample TEXTAREA field...

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Authored by LoneWolf (Mosh Teitelbaum).